8 Easy Treks around Tirthan Valley

Serolsar Lake trek

Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh is famous for its river, river activities and waterfalls. But very few people know that there are many treks that can be done easily even by children and ladies. These treks take you to maximum 3600m (11800 feet) altitude.

So let’s start with the most famous one:

1. Serolsar Lake Trek

Serolsar Lake trek

This trek starts from Jalori Pass (3150m) and 5 km long one side. Serolsar Lake is situated at 3200m and this trek can be done easily by anybody. You will find many camps enroute where you can stay and take snacks and food.

2. Raghupur Garh Trek

Raghupur Fort Trek

This trek also starts from Jalori Pass and situated opposite of Serolsar Lake. This is a 3-km trek and you will be in a vast meadow with ruins of a fort, that is Raghupur Garh or Raghupur Fort.

3. Serolsar Peak Trek

Serolsar Peak

If you trek beyond Serolsar Lake, you will reach a peak after 2 km uphill climb. It is a 3450m (11300 feet) high peak with meadows above tree-line. You can see Great Himalayan peaks very closely from here. You may pitch your tents here or return to Serolsar Lake camping or Jalori Pass or wherever you want.

4. Lambhri Hill Trek

Jibhi to Lambhri Hill Trek

This trek starts from Sajwar village, 9 km from Ghiyagi and 11 km from Jibhi. Sajwar is at 2700m and Lambhri Hill is at 3600m. The trek is about 6 km long and very tiresome uphill climb. But when you reach the destination, you will be mad to see great meadow and Great Himalayan peaks very closely. You may pitch your tent just below the hill or return to Sajwar or Jibhi same day. But it is highly recommended to stay here for a night.

5. Skeen Jot Trek

Skeern Jot Trek in Tirthan Valley

Trek starts from Chehni Kothi village and reaches at 3400m. Trek is about 8 km one side.

6. The Jot Trek

3-days Trek in Tirthan Valley

Jot means pass and ridge in local language. Local people consider this ridge very sacred and worship their gods (devta) at various places on the jot. The trek is well marked in entire path, but it is recommended to take a guide with you. Trek starts from Jalori Pass and passes through Serolsar Lake. Route is this:

Jalori Pass (3150m) – (5 km) – Serolsar Lake (3200m) – (4 km) – Serolsar Peak (3450m) – (5 km) – Lambhri Hill (3600m) – (5 km) – Skeern Jot (3400m) – (6 km) – Chehni Kothi (2150m) – (2 km) – road head.

This trek can be done in 2 days, but should be done in atleast 3-4 days to enjoy the trek completely. There is water shortage on the trek, so you will have to carry water in bottles and search for water streams enroute. You will have to carry your tent and ration. Guides and porters will be available at Jibhi and nearby villages.

7. Jalori Pass to Bahu Trek

Jalori Pass to Bahu Trek

This trek is also a Jot trek and well marked trail is available. Trek starts from Jalori Pass and passes through Raghupur Garh and dense rain-forest. The trek can be done in one day (14-15 km with downhill mostly). Bahu is a small village, 10 km from Jibhi. You may find bus or you may call taxi from Jibhi.

8. Bashleo Pass Trek

Bashleo Pass Trek
Photo credit: Tarun Goel

This pass connects Bathahad village in Palachan valley to Baga Sarahan near Sutlej Valley. Pass is 3300m high and can be crossed in one day.

So if you are searching for a new, not crowded, unexplored and easy trek with best views, go to Tirthan Valley and enjoy trekking.

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