When we see people asking for such places that are far away from highly crowded tourist places and are less known… and they have no clue where to go or how to go or what to do or where to stay.
Here we are wandering such places for years and are well aware how to manage such type of visits.
So now we decided to take this responsibility. We will make people to visit less crowded places without worrying about transport, food, stay and safety. These places are full of natural beauty, cultural activities and welcoming people.

1. To unhide and let the world know about such less known places that are full of natural beauty, history and culture.
2. To encourage tourists to visit such places and feel them that these are really awesome places.
3. To tell how to enjoy any trip, how to spend time when you are not in a group, how to explore new things, how to intract with local people and how to stay safe.
4. To teach and encourage tourists that there is no need of any travel agency and you can travel anywhere by your own. And of course… safely.

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