Chehni Kothi Travel Guide

Chehni Kothi Trek

Chehni Kothi is situated in Tirthan Valley in Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. It is a hundreds year old and 100 feet tall structure used for army setup by Kullu kingdom. Now it has ruined mostly and should be maintained properly as other historical monuments in India.

How to Reach Chehni Kothi

It is 12 km from Banjar town and 11 km from Jibhi town near Tirthan Valley. Last 2 km to be trekked through villages, crops and apple orchards. 

There are 2 trekking routes for Chehni Kothi. Both routes saperate from same road:

  1. Via Shrungi Rishi temple
  2. Via Bihar village

You should start via Bihar village and end via Shrungi Rishi temple. Enroute you will see Great Himalayan peaks.

Where to stay near Chehni Kothi?

It is better to stay at Jibhi and do Chehni Kothi as a day hike. There are all budget hotels/homestays in Jibhi. You may find stay option in Chehni village also.

What to do in Chehni Kothi?

Chehni Kothi is famous for its historical structure, that is tallest in Western Himalaya. But you should do more here:

  1. Visit old wooden temple dedicated to Lord Krishna very near to Chehni Kothi.
  2. Visit apple orchards
  3. Witness village life
  4. Trek another kothi in nearby village
  5. Trek to Skeern Jot

Note: If you wish to enter kothi, you must wear dhoti. Please carry your own dhoti with you.

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