New Destinations in Himachal

Best Scene in Janjehli

There are 3 main travel circuits in Himachal:
1. Kangra Circuit
2. Manali Circuit
3. Shimla Circuit

Although there are many other circuits, but travelers normally mix them with these three. All the traffic run in these circuits and thus these areas are always full of crowd, costly and traffic jam.

Many people ask us to suggest such places where there is no crowd and full of natural wilderness. We suggest them some such places, but they dump their money and time in one of the above areas.


Because many people haven’t heard about off the beaten places and also they have to decorate their social media account with overcrowded fancy destinations. Most of the travelers fear to go off the highways. They fear by unknown reasons. They worry about lack of accommodation, locals behaviour and many more unknown points.

But the fact is – these new destinations are very welcoming with good accommodation options, most friendly and hospitable people and zero fear. Where horsemen of Kufri or taxi drivers of Manali try to make your pocket fully empty, on the other hand you will be alone in apple fields of Janjehli, jungle of Great Himalayan National Park and nobody will bother you.

There is plenty of such new destinations and all have excellent stay options and food options and road condition and holiday experience. We have decided to introduce you about such places and encourage you to travel these destinations alone or with your family. This is not a big task. Many travelers are travelling these destination with their family and you are still planning for overcrowded places as always?

Try new destinations this year.

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