Parashar Lake Information

Parashar Lake is situated at 2600 meters above sea level in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh in India. It has a temple dedicated to Parashar Rishi. Main attraction of the lake is floating island in it.

How to reach Parashar Lake?

Parashar Lake is 50 km from Mandi, 65 km from Kullu, 200 km from Shimla, 250 km from Chandigarh and 500 km from Delhi. It is connected by a road from Mandi via Kamand and Bagi.

You can reach Parashar Lake by trekking also. There are 3 main trekking routes for the lake:

  1. From Bagi
  2. From Pandoh
  3. From Panarsa (On Kullu-Mandi main road)

All these treks can be done in one day. Well maintained trekking path is available.

Where to Stay near Parashar Lake?

There is a temple sarai (dharamshala) near the lake. Just go, meet the temple priest and get the room, if available.

There is a forest rest house also.

You can pitch your tents near the lake.

Places to See around Parashar Lake

Best Time to go Parashar Lake

Parashar Lake is situated at 2600 meter altitude, so January to December is the best time. In winters, you will find snow there, road may be closed and you will have to do snow trek to reach there. In summers, weather will be pleasant. In monsoon, greenry will be at its greenest level.

Nearby Places

You can trek to Tunga Bhagwati temple, just 5 km from Parashar Lake and 3000 meters above sea level.

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