Sainj Valley

Sainj Valley is situated in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a valley of Sainj river that originates from Raktisar glacier in Great Himalayan National Park. Valley is not so much famous, but it has marvellous beauty.

How to Reach Sainj Valley?
When you drive on Manali highway from Delhi or Chandigarh or any other city, you will pass through Aut tunnel. Don’t enter the tunnel and you will reach Larji shortly. Turn left and you will be in Sainj market after 14 km.
Sainj is the main town in the valley, that is about 45 km from Kullu. If you drive beyond Sainj, you will reach Ropa after 7 km. Here is a forest rest house and you will be issued permits if you wish to do trekking in Great Himalayan National Park.

This road will end at Niharni village. There are two road-tunnels near Niharni and one tunnel is about 500 meters long. The reason of the tunnels is a dam constructed on Sainj river near Niharni.

How to Reach Sainj Valley by Public Transport?
Nearest railway station: Joginder Nagar (110 km), Kiratpur Sahib (180 km), Chandigarh (240 km – most comfirtable)
Nearest Airport: Bhuntar (37 km)
Board any Manali bound bus from Delhi/Chandigarh and get off at Aut, 30 km before Kullu. Now catch another bus going to Sainj or Neoli. You will find taxi at Aut easily.

Where to stay in Sainj Valley?
There are two main stay options available: 1. Forest rest house at Ropa and 2. Shangarh.

What to do in Sainj Valley?
Visit Sainj valley for silence and nature. You may do here – photography, bird-watching, meditation, jungle walk, trekking and nothing.

Some places of interest in Sainj Valley are:

Where to go near Sainj Valley?
You may head to these places after visiting Sainj valley:

Best Time to Visit Sainj Valley:

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