Did you visit here when you were at Jalori Pass?

When you visit Jalori Pass, you have only one destination in your mind – that is Serolsar Lake. Ok, it’s a very nice trek and every person does it. But have you ever visited Shooting Point?

When you start for Serolsar Lake from Jalori Pass and just start trekking, a trek goes to upside at your left side. It ends in a open grassy ridge, that is called Shooting Point. Its highest point is at 3300m, 1.5 km from Jalori Pass. Here is a small temple. You can see 360 degree view from here with Great Himalayan National Park peaks and Pir Panjal and Kinnaur Himalaya.

You will see another small temple in the east that is again 1.5 km from here. The complete 3 km section is a meadow. You can pitch your tents here and enjoy your day. You may further go to Serolsar Lake, that is only 2 km from here.

So when you visit Jalori Pass again, do visit this place too. And if you have never been here, mark this place in your list.

Camping at Jalori Pass

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