1. DRINKING is completely prohibited in our trips. If you are found drunken, your trip will be ended immediately and no amount will be refunded.
  2. MEDICAL facility may not be available at the hotels or locations as we work in offbeats.
  3. There may be any unwanted situations, like heavy rains, heavy snowfalls, landslide, flood, cloud-burst, strike, bandh etc. In such situations, trip may be effected or cancelled. If such conditions happen during the trip, you will be provided alternate option or you will be evacuated from the location (No refund will be carried out). And if we cancel the trip before start date, you will be refunded full amount.
  4. Each and every place on the earth is safe, but unsafe also. Nobody can take 100% guarantee for your safety. There may be road accident, poisonous insect bite, animal attack, terrorist attack, natural disaster that cause harm, wound or even death. We take extreme precautions for your safety, but sometimes everything is not in our hands. If any such thing happens during the trip, we will help you to be evacuated. But all medical and such extraordinary charges will be paid by you.
  5. We will not be responsible for any loss/damage of your belongings at any stage of the trip.
  6. Our trips are safe enough for the children, but there may be unavailability of child-food. Consult us before the trip.
  7. We operate trips in offbeats and less-known places full of nature and welcoming people. These places are not very commercialised. There may not be anything for timepass or siteseeing activities, so you may be bored.
  8. REFUND POLICY: Flat 50% amound will be refunded if you cancel the trip before start date. No refund after start date.
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