Tirthan Valley Budget Trip (4D/3N)

We have created this trip for those who are seeking economical package for 4-days trip in Tirthan Valley. Here is detailed description and photo gallery of the trip.


Jibhi is well connected by NH-305 from Aut. If you are coming from Delhi or Chandigarh by public transport, take any bus going to Manali and get down at Aut. Now you will have to catch another bus for Jibhi. Aut to Jibhi is about 30 km and bus fare is about Rs. 50. There are frequent buses from Aut to Banjar and Jibhi. Taxis are also available that charge Rs. 1500-2000 for Jibhi.

After check-in to hotel, it’s time to relax. Tirthan Valley is known only for relax. It’s not for sightseeing and any other planned trip. Come here for relax and feel the location, people, culture and nature.

Night stay: 1. Green Himalayan Hotel, Jibhi

2. Jalori River Touch Homestay, Ghiyagi

Jibhi Siteseeing
River near Jibhi


We are again repeating that Tirthan Valley is not for any planned trip, but we have created some trips for you. You may choose all trips or may choose no trip and spend your time only by yourself.

Chehni Kothi: It was a fortress and called tallest structure in entire Western Himalaya. If you are travelling Tirthan Valley, you must visit here. You will be amazed  to see it. It is 11 km from Jibhi, 9 km by road and last 2 km by well built trek. The trek is steep at some points, but can be covered in 45 minutes. It goes through villages, fields and apple orchards. It is advisable to see this place before afternoon, as there are chances of rains in the evenings.

Bahu: Bahu is famous for its temple and view of Great Himalayan peaks. It is 10 km from Jibhi and an all weather road is available. You can drive to Gada Gushaini and Chhachh Galu Pass beyond Bahu.

Jibhi waterfall: It is located about 500 meters from Jibhi market and can be reached by your vehicle.

So today’s plan may be: Chehni Kothi in the Morning, Bahu in the Afternoon and Jibhi waterfall in the Evening. You are free to change this plan as per your interest.

Night stay: 1. Green Himalayan Hotel, Jibhi

2. Jalori River Touch Homestay, Ghiyagi


Drive or catch a bus from Jibhi to Jalori Pass, 10 km steep uphill road. Jalori Pass altitude is 3150 meters. Now start a 5-km trek to Serolsar Lake (3200 meters). Trek is well built and goes through dense forest. You will find some snacks shops enroute. There is a temple dedicated to Budhi Nagin Mata. The lake is considered very sacred and no fun activity can be done in the lake.

Trek back same way to Jalori Pass.

Today you will stay near Gushaini village in Tirthan Valley. Distance from Jalori to Gushaini is about 30 km. You will find no direct bus to Gushaini. Change bus at Banjar. Frequent buses from Banjar to Gushaini.

Night stay in camps/tents: 1. Bintu’s Camps, Gushaini

2. Usha Homestay and Camps, Gushaini


After breakfast, this trip will be ended and we wish to see you again in Tirthan Valley or any other location.

Thank you!


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